The Mommies: A Musical Blog Mental Health Review

        Yesterday I went to see The Mommies: A Musical Blog. From a mental health perspective I was pleasantly surprised by the content of the play. It discussed aspects of motherhood from the time before the sperm even meets the egg to the empty nest. I believe the musical did a wonderful job of highlighting some of the struggles of motherhood and the emotions involved. During the scene discussing trying to conceive, the characters hit on the multitude of feelings such as sadness, guilt, embarrassment, and resentment when others around them are becoming pregnant and they are not. A musical number focusing on the postpartum period discussed feelings of baby blues, depression, lack of libido, and other struggles accurately and poignantly. In fact, the emotions portrayed were the same as many that I see in my office including confusion and guilt over why they don’t feel as they thought they should about their baby, resentment and sadness over losing a sense of self, and feelings of isolation and frustration.

         Later in the play, struggles of being a mother to older children, tweens, and teenagers are hit upon in not only an accurate but also a humorous manner. The scene on tweens mentions the transition between childhood and the teenage years and how children often flip flop between the two. The scene on teenagers likens this stage as a battle, which I believe many parents will wholeheartedly agree on as teens begin to try to find their own sense of self.

        The musical is not only an accurate portrayal of the feelings associated with motherhood and of the developmental milestones children and parents reach but also on the trends of our society today. The musical shows a mother’s tendency to search for answers on the “right” way to do everything from conceiving, potty training, and letting go and even highlights The SuperNanny in this quest. Also, as the name suggests, it is all about using the internet and technology to reach out to other mom’s to connect. Although this is definitely a trend, I do not agree that it is a helpful one when it takes the place of face to face, deeper interactions. Overall, I believe that any parents that decide to check out the play will find that they will be able to relate to stories.

If you are in the Brevard County area and looking for a counselor due to your own struggles as a parent, I would be more than happy to talk with you.


3 Responses to The Mommies: A Musical Blog Mental Health Review

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  2. Carrie Shaw says:

    Hi Jessica!

    Thank you for the review – we posted a link to your blog on our Twitter, Facebook, and blog. We are so glad you enjoyed the show and that you found it be consistent with your knowledge and experience.

    Facebook: themommiesmusical
    Twitter: @TheMommies

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