2 Questions to Ask A Potential Therapist

When clients typically call a therapist for the first time, they often don’t have any questions or only ask practical questions such as about fees, hours, and location. This is by no means an all inclusive list but here are some questions to start asking to get a feel for the therapist.

  1. What are your specialties?

If you have not found the answer to this online, be sure to ask what the therapists specialties are. You do not want to take your teen to someone who normally works with people on retirement issues. Some therapists specialize in certain areas more than others. Just make sure they have experience working with similar ages and problems as your teen.

  1. What is your theoretical approach to therapy?

Like I mentioned before, there are a lot of different philosophies or theories for counseling. I would not expect you to know what the theories are but the therapist should be able to describe it to you in terms that clients can understand. What you should be paying attention to after asking this question is the therapist’s response, how easily you can understand them, how forthcoming with information are they, and how you feel about what they say.


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