Prepare/Enrich Couples Counseling Inventory

         In the last blog entry I discussed the benefits of pre-marital counseling. Many people are hesitant to participate in counseling for various reasons, despite the positive effect it can have on a relationship. You may be thinking that you don’t need to come for counseling because you don’t have any relationship problems, if you did you wouldn’t be getting married! Or you may think that marriage counselors only cause more problems than they solve or similarly believe that a therapist is going to try to find problems where there aren’t any.

          It is for these reasons that I prefer to use a marriage counseling tool called Prepare/Enrich. Prepare/Enrich is an inventory assessing relationship strength and growth areas in 20 categories that are most likely to cause you problems in your relationship. Although it does identify areas that couples may have problems currently or in the future, it places great importance on the positive aspects of the relationship. Another great aspect of the inventory is that it provides a framework for counseling by providing worksheets and activities for you to complete and discuss in sessions while also allowing for flexibility based upon your individual needs.

          The new customized version of Prepare/Enrich will adjust to the special dynamics of your relationship. Prepare/Enrich fits for couples of all ages and stages of life, no matter how many times you have been married, whether you have children or not, and with couples who have lived together and those who haven’t. Basically the inventory is useful for any couple who is looking to enrich their marriage. Let me also emphasize that this is not only a pre-marital inventory but can be used for any couple with a romantic relationship.

         You can find more information on the Prepare/Enrich inventory at If you are interested in pre-marital or couples counseling, please give me a call or email me. If you are not interested in taking the Prepare/Enrich Inventory but would still like to participate in couples counseling, I can still help you with that.


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