12 Alternatives to a Gratitude Journal

Focusing on Gratitude can have a big impact on your level of happiness. As I talked about in my post last week, 2-3 weeks of journaling about what you are thankful for can increase your happiness by 25%. Journaling is not for everyone though, in fact I think most people get bored just thinking about the idea of journaling (if you are a fan, more power to you though!) For those of you who would like to reap the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal without journaling, here are some other ideas.

1. Make a collage with pictures of people, things, and experiences that you are thankful for.

2. Write post-it notes with the things you love and post them in different places around the house.

3. Thank your higher power for those things while you are praying.

4. Write cards to friends and family thanking them for the ways they make your life better. Your choice whether you send them or not.

5. Carry something small with you, it may have a special meaning to you or could just be something smooth or pretty, that can remind you to think about what you are grateful for when you touch or see it.

6. Make a habit of thinking about one thing you are grateful for each day at the same time each day. For instance, make it the first thing you think about when you get up for bed, or each time you begin a meal.

7. Give some one a free or inexpensive gift to show them you care.

8. Make a list of the things someone has done for you that you are grateful for, again your choice if you give it to them or not.

9. Really mean it when you say thank you to someone.

10. Acknowledge any ungrateful thoughts you may have and find a way to find something you are grateful for in that situation.

11. Talk to your spouse, a friend, or a family member about what you are grateful for instead of always using them as a listening ear to complain and vent to.

12. Find other ways to express your gratitude through art, whether it be song, creative writing, painting, or any other way you can think of.

This is just a list to get you to start thinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could think of many more ways you can show and focus on what you are grateful for each day or week in order to begin feeling happier for those things you do have in your life. Let us know what other things you have thought about!


One Response to 12 Alternatives to a Gratitude Journal

  1. Hi – Enjoyed this list of alternatives to journaling, all good ideas!
    thanks, Kathy

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