Time to Relax

North Carolina RoadAs I am typing this I am supposed to be on vacation. My usual definition of vacation is fitting in as many things as I possibly can. For this trip in North Carolina that would mean hiking, shopping, visiting downtown, and more hiking. Unfortunately I am sitting at the table writing this blog post instead. Well, the part that is real unfortunate is the reason. I was the lucky one who got sick on vacation and my cough and congestion doesn’t make hiking an easy task in high elevations. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I am stuck at the house while everyone is out playing, I am choosing to relish the quiet. I have a 20 month old boy and we took this trip with two other couples, one of which also has a 20 month old boy. You can imagine my life does not give me much opportunity for quiet and solace, which makes it easy to keep up the busy pace. This is giving me the chance to catch up on magazines, take a nap, and relax, all things I normally don’t get to do.

You may be wondering why I am choosing to share this with you on a mental health and relationship blog. See, even I need reminders to take time out of my busy schedule and relax sometimes and to engage in a little self care. I could have chosen to go along for the ride today along the windy mountain roads with the toddlers and adult children, putting up with the crying, whining, and car sickness on top of the cold I am dealing with but I chose not to be super mom. This is me being honest with you about how even the advice I give out regularly and sounds so easy, even I struggle with. This is me giving you permission to relax just for a few minutes and recoup from a long day so you don’t end up overwhelmed, stressed, and with a weakend immune system! That is all for now, it is time for me to take in the mountain views, the fall of snow (from the warm confines of the couch) and take a nap before the chaos of our vacation arrives back home!!


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