The Power of Gratitude

I was working with a couple recently in which one of the partners is currently experiencing depression. As I was listening to this person talk about work and life it became obvious that thought patterns were contributing to the depression. Everything was horrible and he didn’t seem to be able to identify anything that was going well, even though as an outsider I found it quite easy to notice the silver lining. There was no gratitude for what he does have going on in his life. With Thanksgiving coming up it seemed only natural for me to give an assignment relating to gratitude.

It can be so easy sometimes to get caught up in focusing on what we have to do, what is going wrong, and the things we don’t like about our life. We all have things that aren’t going “right” or as we would like, and there are two options you have. You can change or at least attempt to change your situation or look at it differently. Unfortunately we don’t always have complete control over all aspects of our life. Don’t like your job? Start looking for another one and putting in applications other places. With the economy as it is, however, it may be easier said than done to actually make a job or career change. So this is when changing your thoughts and being more grateful come into play. You mean you have a job? In this economy? You are able to provide for your family? Look at all the great experience you are getting by having to deal with difficult people. Sure makes you happy to get to go home at the end of the day right? There have to be things that you can find that are not so bad about your job that you can focus on. Perhaps you have a good supervisor or really like your coworkers or even the difference you make in people’s lives. You may not like everything, but focus on what you do like.

This can be applied to the home you live in, your children’s behavior, or anything else. The more you focus on the positives, the better you will feel. Your thoughts influence your feelings which influence your behaviors. The areas in which you put the most energy will seem larger. I’m sure you have heard the saying about making a mountain out of a mole hill, well this is only a bad thing when that mole hill was negative to begin with. Focus on the positive mole hills in your life and they will begin to feel like wonderful, miraculous mountains that you are grateful for having.

I hope everyone has a great and grateful Thanksgiving this week!


One Response to The Power of Gratitude

  1. Stephanie Price says:

    Reblogged this on Love Is The Cure International and commented:
    For the last couple of days, I found myself getting into a funk and becoming increasingly negative and depressed. I was worrying, complaining and making myself absolutely miserable, as well as the people around me. Usually I am an energetic, upbeat, optimistic person who wants to inspire others but suddenly I felt more and more drained and like I was digging myself into a hole.
    My streak of perfectionism has come out as I have been making goals for 2013 and looking back on 2012; my inner critic has been working overtime. I have been focusing so much on what I don’t like about myself, my life and other people that I have forgotten about all the good things and people in my life. I had forgotten my accomplishments and the people that had helped me get there.
    This is uplifting blog post about Gratitude raised my spirits and helped me turn my situation around by changing my perspective. As I am refocusing my attention on what I love about my life, the loving and supportive people I am privileged to have around me and what I actually did accomplish last year, I see hope and joy instead of frustration and defeat. Gratitude is powerful! It really works.

    What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

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