July 2, 2015

Brevard Family Wellness CenterWow, It has been two long years since I have written a blog post on here. Of course there is a reason for that, during that time I had my second child and went on maternity leave, and then instead of returning to the practice I had been working at decided to open my own private practice. Since¬†opening up my new practice, the number of clients I have been able to work with and help has increased drastically, keeping me even busier! If that wasn’t enough, in February of this year, I decided to expand my practice by making it a group practice and hiring on additional counselors. The new company is called Brevard Family Wellness Center. Of course there is always time of growing as you find the right people but I am feeling pretty confident that I have found two wonderful counselors to help me serve Merritt Island and the surrounding areas with high quality counseling services. One of the counselors signed right before going on an extended vacation so I do not have her bio and pic to share just yet but I would like to welcome everyone to check out the new websites. You can find my personal website at www.stebbinscounseling.com and the company website at www.BrevardFamilyWellness.com. I hope to continue to grow the practice and eventually offer other natural minded health care options such as massage therapy, nutrition, reiki, acupuncture, yoga & meditation, etc. Of course it will be baby steps in our growth! I hope you enjoy the new websites! I’m looking into starting back up with my writing and will be deciding soon if it will continue on here or if it would be best to start on one of the new websites. I’ll keep everyone posted!

P.S. Don’t you just love the new logo!